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From Princess to Ordinary Citizen:
A Journey of Love, Redemption,
& Bravery

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess known as the People's Princess. She was adored by the entire galaxy for her elegance and compassion. Despite her popularity, the Princess was deeply lonely and yearned for love. One day, a man entered her life and changed everything with three simple words, "How are you?" The Princess discovered the real meaning of love and longed for a simple life with this man.

So, they made the bold decision to fake their deaths, flee the Imperial Royal firm, and start a new life together as ordinary people. They lived a happy life filled with love and built a family.

However, when the Princess hears a cry for help from her son, her act of kindness jeopardizes everything. Now, she must balance safeguarding both her new and old family while keeping her true identity hidden from the Royal Imperial firm, who has a strong grip.

This thrilling tale is filled with love, redemption, bravery, and the constant struggle between the Princess's dual lives. Will she be able to keep her secrets hidden, or will the truth be revealed?


I recommend this book to everyone who loves books filled with romance, redemption, secrets, and bravery. I loved it from page one she grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps it through the whole book. I loved how you grab your audience's attention from the beginning and kept it through the whole book from page one.  5 stars - Shelby Boheen - Netgalley Reviewer
I really could not put this book down. very good book to capture your attention. Even the cover is pretty. 5 stars - Keylee W - Negalley Reviewer
What surprised me the most was that I suddenly saw the real royal family in the story, if Princess D had survived. Almost all the names had a familiar sound. The circumstances of the events in the story made sense and I suddenly began to wonder what if the story had really unfolded like this. But be warned, this is only the first book of this story and continues in the second book - 4 stars - Natalija Krizan - Negalley Reviewer

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