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Field writes in a clear, distinctive style in simple language that makes the story easy to follow. She is skilled at descriptive writing as is showcased when she talks about the family's ancestral homestead in Nova Scotia that is reachable only by boat. Her descriptions of the home, the surrounding property, and all the memories tied to it are vivid and convincing. THE HEART OF FAMILY by Renee Field astutely portrays a family's experience with and reaction to conventional familial problems—difficulties related to strained relationships, shaky finances, illness, and death. - 3 stars - ~Florence Osmund for IndieReader

The Heart of Family is an emotional story where guilt, forgiveness and the power of love will make you cry and laugh as two middle-aged sisters tackle life's obstacles with grit and determination.


Fern’s sister has been dead for a decade but still drops in for chats; adding to the drama for this dysfunctional family.

When Fern and her sister, Rose, go away for their annual week-long getaway to the old family cottage it’s their chance to reconnect, rant about life, bake and make their famous pickles. When Fern starts to feel something is “off”, her gut instinct proves true in the worst way possible.

A family tragedy makes Fern second guess all the sacrifices she’s made for her family. Old family wounds are exposed, an estranged sister once again enters their lives while the ghost of a sister haunts Fern with life lessons. Personal life and death choices test Fern and Rose along with their husbands in ways no one foresees.

Can these sisters stand side by side while grieving to learn the power of forgiveness and reclaim the loves of their lives?
Will the power of forgiveness right wrongs?

Discover the special bond of two sisters who tackle life head-on and love with all their hearts in this small town, drama-filled saga, full of family secrets.

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