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The Dementia Battle - a poem to help me cope with my emotions as a caregiver #dementia #caregiver

The Dementia Battle

By Renee Field

I am battling my mother to bathe

While holding the tears at bay

I am battling my mother to understand

Knowing dementia doesn’t give a damn

I am battling a disease

As evil as I’ve ever seen

I am battling for the yester years

Of the mother I knew who cared

I am battling, my blade dull, bone weary

Fighting a deadly ticking time bomb

Eating away memories once sing-song strong

I am battling my mother to dress

I can’t leave her in such distress

I am battling my way through the trenches

Hunkered down with duty, guilt and love

I am battling my way in this unseen war

Fearing stepping on landmines and more

I am battling, my scars etched deep

Praying for blessed sleep

I am battling dementia for my mother

Who now laughs and cries with my pleas

I am battling knowing in the end

this disease will win.

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